Poliglot, Me?

Polyglot, me? — Bruno E. Grossi I’m studying English again but serious now. Although I studied English when was young and have already worked with teams abroad, my current job as a Software Architect at Ci&T is the first one where I really need English. And the company is actually helping me intending to be fluent in English. But I need to confess: it’s a painful process for me, as I don’t like English.

Using Docker on Windows 10 Home Edition

I like Linux. And I used it for many years. But now, I need to use some software that does not support Linux. So, I’m using Windows 10 here. And it is a Windows 10 Home Edition. Docker does not support it on its official release. So, you need to get the legacy Docker Toolbox. But, why the native version does not work? A Docker container should be isolated from all other machine resources not granted by the user.